Certificate in Practical Bookkeeping (CPB)



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Course Description

This is a 90 hours Practical Certification course. This course is designed to develop practical knowledge for working adults and fresh graduates who interested to gain hands-on experience on book-keeping knowledge. The course is intends to gives the participants hands-on practice that is necessary for them to apply the fundamental skills and knowledge of book-keeping in workplace.


Course Objectives

This is a Certification course in Practical Book-keeping with special focus on the needs of develop the participants’ practical skills in maintaining accurate records in their business transactions. It enables the participants to understand the basic principles of book-keeping and able to prepare financial statements for the use of business owners.

In addition, the Course also includes hands-on practice on the use of accounting software on recording business transactions in line with the implementation of GST on April 2015. It is a practical course which should be done by those who wants to gain hands-on practical skills in book-keeping.


Highlights of the Program

  • The course focuses on developing the practical skills and knowledge on book-keeping and preparation of financial statements.
  • The course has been designed by taking into consideration the needs of both working adults as well as fresh graduates.
  • Experienced faculty members include experts from the industry and academic.


Structure of the Program

CODE Month One & Two Study hours
BKP001 Book-keeping 78 hours
AIS001 Accounting Information System (AIS) 12 hours



To be awarded the Certificate of Practical Book-keeping, student will be required to complete continuous assessment (50%) and a written examination at the end of the academic session (50%).