Certificate in Practical Taxation and GST in Malaysia (CPTG)



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Course Description

This is 90 learning hour Practical Certification course. This course is designed to develop practical knowledge for working adults and fresh graduates who interested to gain hands-on experience on taxation and GST knowledge. The course is intends to gives the participants hands-on practice that is necessary for them to apply the fundamental skills and knowledge of taxation and GST in their workplace.


Course Objectives

Malaysia will implement GST on 1st April 2015 to replace current Sales and Service Tax. Implementation of GST in Malaysia will increase the transparency of all business transactions where taxpayers are required under both GST Act and Income Tax Act to maintain proper records for the submission of tax return. This will cause the demand for accounting staff with practical income tax and GST knowledge become increasingly crucial and will be an added advantage for accounts staff equipped with hand-on income tax and GST knowledge.

This is a Certification course in Practical Taxation and GST with special focus on the needs to develop participants’ practical skills in understanding of fundamental principles of Malaysia Income Tax Act and GST Act.

In addition, the Course also includes hands-on practice on the use of accounting software on recording business transactions in line with the implementation of GST on April 2015.


Highlights of the Program

  • The course focuses on developing the practical skills and knowledge on Malaysia Taxation and GST.
  • The course has been designed by taking into consideration the needs of both working adults as well as fresh graduates.
  • Experienced faculty members include experts from the industry and academic.


Structure of the Program

CODE Month One & Two Study hours
TAX001 Malaysia Taxation 45 hours
GST001 GST in Malaysia 45 hours


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the mechanism of GST in Malaysia as compared to Sales and Services Tax.
  • Understand on the scope of charge for GST in Malaysia and supply that subjected to GST.
  • Various types of supply and their GST treatment.
  • The important of time of supply, place of supply and value of supply that impact to GST
  • Understanding of input tax credit, blocked input tax and input tax claim on bad debts.
  • Declaration of GST return.
  • GST treatment on different industries and various schemes available.
  • The use of accounting software on recording and reporting for GST.



To be awarded the Certificate of Practical Taxation and GST Malaysia, student will be required to
complete continuous assessment (50%) and a written examination at the end of the academic
session (50%).